the number of applications for newcomers to Nova Scotia in 2020. This is a new record. It exceeds the province’s allocation of 3,292, which officials attribute to focusing on skilled newcomers in essential services, such as health care and transportation, and those already living in Canada. 

the number of permanent residents, as of Oct. 31, who have arrived in Nova Scotia last year. This is down compared to last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Of those who came, 69 per cent came under provincial programs, including 1,430 from the Provincial Nominee Program and 635 from the Atlantic Immigration Pilot.

the number of international students the province retained after graduation, a significant increase from 35 in 2014.

number of physicians that have arrived since March 2020.  

Nova Scotia’s population as of July 2020. This is an all-time high for the province, due in large part to immigration. The population as of Oct. 1, 2020 was 979,115.

the number of approved immigration applications from the Atlantic Immigration Program. The Provincial Nominee Program accounted for 1,900.

the number of continuing care assistants approved as foreign certified professionals last year. A total of 555 nurses were also approved.

the number of foreign-trained registered nurses invited to apply to come to Nova Scotia this year under the Labour Market Priorities stream.

the number of francophones invited to apply through the Labour Markets Priorities stream under the Francophone Immigration Strategy.

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