Our goal is to communicate the experiences of our region’s newcomers.

We are a digital media, publishing, marketing, and entertainment brand dedicated to celebrating the contributions of immigrants to their chosen home in Canada. By sharing their stories, from their struggles and cultural adjustments, to their victories and achievements, we strive to inspire others.

We hope to inspire East Coasters to welcome immigrants with open minds and open arms, and we hope to inspire newcomers to stay, take advantage of the region’s amazing opportunities, make the East Coast their home and flourish. We believe this growing population can and will add to our already vibrant and rich Atlantic Canadian culture.

Digital Community

Reinforcing our mission to inspire all East Coasters requires a variety of approaches. We started with an annual event to recognize the contributions of immigrants to our region, which has grown in scope to become the Most Inspiring Immigrants in Atlantic Canada.

This was followed by the quarterly print magazine My Halifax Experience, the Recit creative advertising agency, and the annual Mosaic Festivals of Arts and Culture, focusing on music and international film.

You can find more on all these initiatives via this single digital portal. The creation of the My East Coast Experience digital community has given a home to further related opportunities, such as a bursary program for international students in financial difficulties. To date, My East Coast Experience has given out more than $15,000 in bursaries to international students facing financial challenges.

My Halifax Experience Magazine

A quarterly magazine that tells the stories and shares the dreams of new immigrants who have found success in Halifax, while encouraging others to stay in the region and pursue their dreams. My Halifax Experience Magazine is printed and distributed four times a year with an annual distribution of 40,000 copies. Since our inception we have published, printed, and distributed more than 200,000 copies.

Our Guest Is Podcast

Launched in July 2022, Our Guest Is is a brand-new podcast and a forum for immigrants to tell their stories and share their journeys to the East Coast of Canada in their own words. Following a talk show format, each episode features a different guest. All episodes are available to listen to on myeastcoastexperience.com and all the major streaming platforms.

Mosaic Festivals of Arts and Culture

The Mosaic Festival of Arts and Culture is a celebration of diversity in Halifax. It provides a forum for unique storytelling, showcasing local and international talent, and allows a large cross-section of our society to engage with a variety of cultures.

The Mosaic Music Festival showcases the heritage and customs diverse communities bring to our city through a spectacle of music and dance performances. Open to all, this free-to-attend family-friendly event represents the true spirit of fostering good community relations. By allowing locals to immerse themselves in a mix of different cultures, and newcomers to experience local culture first-hand, it enriches the lives of all Nova Scotians. A vibrant parade and select food and arts & crafts vendors from the city’s multicultural scene are also integral components of this lively event.

The Mosaic International Film Festival is a celebration of culturally diverse independent filmmaking. The festival is a forum for unique storytelling; a platform for filmmakers worldwide to share their stories, experiences, and cultural identities with the people of Nova Scotia through the art of film.

Most Inspiring Immigrants in Atlantic Canada

The Most Inspiring Immigrants in Atlantic Canada initiative is our way of identifying and honouring those who stand out in their towns and cities across this region; the trailblazers and leaders who have made a difference in their communities.