My East Coast Experience to open Creative Hub this spring 

My East Coast Experience has built its brand on bringing together diverse communities to celebrate immigration, music, film, arts and culture. Now it wants to do the same for the business community. 

Its latest venture is called The Creative Hub, a co-work collaborative office space located in Lower Sackville. It’s the first of its kind in the Sackville business district and is designed to meet all current health and safety regulations. 

“The pandemic has taught us many lessons about how the use of technology and proper health and safety measures can allow us to continue to work collaboratively,” says Ifeanyi Emesih, founder of My East Coast Experience. “We are taking these lessons and applying them to make sure The Creative Hub provides access to co-working space that’s both safe and productive.” 

Emesih says he discussed the project with the Sackville Business Association and received a warm welcome. “The Sackville Business Association is excited about having a co-working space.” 

“I was thrilled to hear about the plans for a co-working space in Sackville,” says Michelle Champniss, executive director of the Sackville Business Association. “It’s a great opportunity for start-ups and smaller operations that don’t require large storefronts.” 

Champniss says The Creative Hub also offers the benefits of mentorship from the other co-work businesses. 

“We’ve seen continued growth in the business district over the past 10 years. The co-work space adds yet another option for businesses to open up shop in Sackville,” she says. 

Emesih says he wants The Creative Hub to be a place that brings the business community together, which is reflected in the motto he chose for the venture: Bringing communities and ideas together

To facilitate this, The Creative Hub will be open day and night to the community. 

“Clients will have 24-hour access to all of The Creative Hub’s resources and technology, including boardrooms and common spaces,” Emesih says. “We want this to be a truly collaborative space. Everyone, from any walk of life, is welcome. You don’t need to have a permanent office to just come in and use our shared spaces.” 

The Creative Hub will feature private offices and meeting rooms in addition to the shared working spaces. The common areas will include multiple connection points for equipment to plug in, shared networks, moveable workstations and walls, and the latest technology. It will also provide an alternate meeting space not found in other co-working spaces. 

“There are many meetings that happen outside a business setting. Coffee shops are a popular spot for informal meetings. The Creative Hub will feature its own in-house coffee shop with fresh coffee and pastries always available, providing that alternative, informal meeting area without having to deal with driving, parking or the weather,” Emesih says. 

Current plans call for The Creative Hub to open in Fall 2021 at 578 Sackville Drive.

Ken Partidge

Ken Partidge

Ken Partridge is the Managing Editor and Head of Content at My East Coast Experience Media. He is a 34-year veteran of the Halifax journalism scene and worked at both the local and national levels to help provide better resources for journalists.

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