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Ifeanyi Emesih

Founder & CEO
Ifeanyi Emesih is a serial entrepreneur, community leader, marketing expert, visionary and innovator. Ifeanyi is the Founder and CEO of My East Coast Experience Media Group. Emesih chose to make Halifax his home and has since drawn on his own experiences to create a platform for others to share their own immigrant stories with their own communities.

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Ken Partridge

Managing Editor & Head of Content
Ken Partridge is the Managing Editor and Head of Content at My East Coast Experience Media. He is a 34-year veteran of the Halifax journalism scene and worked at both the local and national levels to help provide better resources for journalists.
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Dany Rubbo

Brand Strategist
Dany has more than 10 years experience managing brands. Born in Brazil, she established a successful career in the UK developing multi-channel marketing strategies and working with creative teams, primarily in the sports industry. In 2022, she immigrated to Halifax eager to contribute to a burgeoning diverse community in Nova Scotia.

Jerisa Haque

Community Manager & Program Lead

Jerisa graduated from Saint Mary’s University on the Dean’s List. She is passionate about building diverse and inclusive communities by using her background in the social sciences and research to dig deeper into structural issues and foster partnerships. She has worked in various international organizations and possess a diverse skill set that encompasses communications, digital media, event coordination as well as research and analysis.

Pat Lee

Senior Editor
Pat Lee is the Senior Editor for My Halifax Experience and My East Coast Experience

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Israel Ekanem

Film Festival Director for Mosaic Film Festival of Arts and Culture
Israel Ekanem is a Nigerian-born award-winning storyteller. At a young age, he was introduced to the art of storytelling by his grandmother, and it quickly became his passion. His films include “We Watched The Clouds Form Shapes”, “Drown The Lovers”, “Dearg” and “Good Earth: The Pots And Passions Of Walter Ostrom”

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