The recent announcement from Premier Iain Rankin regarding the appointments of Késa Munroe-Anderson as the deputy minister for Communities, Culture and Heritage, and Nicole Johnson-Morrison as associate deputy minister of Labour and Advanced Education are evidence his administration will continue the excellent work of his predecessor in terms of supporting and promoting Nova Scotia’s vibrant immigrant community.

Ms. Munroe-Anderson’s most recent role was director of Race Relations for the Human Rights Commission. She brings that passion for helping others and an Africentric approach to leadership to her new role.

The appointment of Ms. Johnson Morrison couldn’t be a better choice. She has worked alongside our organization in her former role as president and CEO of EduNova and there couldn’t be a better choice.

“The inclusion of diverse voices in the halls of government will result in better decisions and better policy for all Nova Scotians,” says Ifeanyi Emesih, founder and president of My East Coast Experience Media. “I congratulate the Premier on his choices and look forward to seeing further efforts to incorporate immigrant voices into government and the civil service.”

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