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Looking back to see how far we’ve come

They say you shouldn’t look back unless it’s to see how far you’ve come. Looking back over the past six months, My Halifax Experience has come a long way. We’re excited to share our second issue. It not only marks six months since we set out on this journey, but also shares the triumph and challenges of immigrants who moved to Halifax and found success.

We’ve increased our distribution to include Halifax’s international airport. This is important because we want to reach people as they arrive or depart the city. We want our stories to remain on the minds of our readers and give them a reason to stay in our beautiful city.

We’re now moving to stage two of our mission with the launch of a job board. It’s designed specifically to assist international students to find the kind of work experience they need to start on their career paths. It will also help employers looking to recruit international students into their organizations to benefit from their creativity, language skills, and international perspectives.

In our cover story on page 14, we feature provincial immigration minister, Lena Diab, who shares her own personal story. Even though she was born in Halifax, she is the daughter of first-generation immigrants from Lebanon. The family moved back to Lebanon when Diab was just two years old. They returned to Canada in 1976 after the Lebanese Civil War broke out.

Due to these experiences, she can directly relate to what our recent immigrants have gone through, leaving their homes with nothing and coming to a country to start all over again.
Diab and her family didn’t let the events of their past hold them back. She worked hard and today, as the immigration minster, she’s working to make sure immigrants who come here can call Halifax home.

In our story on page 18, we also take a peek at Pier 21, where president and CEO Marie Chapman gives us exclusive insight into the transformation of Pier 21 and its Welcome Home to Canada program.

On page 22, you’ll meet Ubong Peters, a young Nigerian that moved to Halifax as an international student to work on his Masters and PhD at Dalhousie University. Today he’s part of a team that created a revolutionary medical device for measuring lung capacity.

There are many more inspiring stories in this issue, which we hope will encourage you to never give up on your dreams and to make your Halifax experience a success. Who knows, maybe we’ll see you in the pages of our magazine soon.

About Ifeanyi Emesih

Ifeanyi Emesih
Ifeanyi Emesih is the Founder and Publisher of My East Coast Experience and he is also the Creator of My Halifax Experience. My Halifax Experience is a marketing, publishing and event planning brand aimed at telling the stories – and, yes, sharing the dreams – of new immigrants who have found success in Halifax, while encouraging others to stay in the province’s largest city to pursue their own dreams.

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