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Burnside home to wide variety of businesses and entrepreneurs

The Greater Burnside Business Association (GBBA) is a volunteer-driven organization dedicated to representing the residents of the largest business park east of Montreal. 

The Burnside Business Park is home to more than 1,200 enterprises (78 per cent service/retail, 22 per cent industrial/manufacturing), covering 3,400 acres, and employing more than 30,000 management and staff.  

Burnside is home to many of Halifax’s non-profit organizations, including many focused on serving the disabled and injured communities: ALS, Easter Seals, Children’s Wish, DASC, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Brain Injury, Canadian Red Cross, and Feed Nova Scotia.  

The GBBA recently profiled some of its African Heritage entrepreneurs, including Robert Loppie, founder of The Bin Doctor, created in 1999 to fill a need in the environmental sector; Larry and Pat Gibson, owners of Floors Plus More and Dantra Distribution, leaders in the local flooring industry; Yemi Akindoiu, owner of Vanity Fashions; and Glen Carvery, president of Carvery Construction 1989 and CGR Construction since 2017. 

Immigrant-owned businesses are also common in Burnside, including: 

Halifax Bread Company, 800A Windmill Road, owned by Hesam and Fatemeh. Hesam and Fatemeh became Canadians in 1997 and opened their bakery four years ago. 

Burnside Pizzeria, owned by Joanna and Abe Chatter. Founded in 1991, Burnside Pizzeria started out in a small 850 sq.ft. space and has since grown to 2,600 sq.ft., changed its name to Burnside Pizzeria Fresh Market, and has passed to the next generation with son Andrew taking over the day-to-day operation. 

“The Burnside community is a proud one and welcoming to all entrepreneurs and types of business,” says Dee Deuville, chair of the GBBA. “Our diversity is our strength.” 

The volunteer board behind the GBBA recently took its first step toward becoming an official Business Improvement District (BID). It has secured approval from the local community council to proceed with the BID process. 

“As Burnside itself continues to grow and evolve, the GBBA needs to grow too and evolve to be able to speak on behalf of the park’s residents,” Deuville says. 

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