Amplifying Voices is a local partnership seeking to identify how business is adapting to increased calls for workplace diversity, equity, inclusion, and access in a post-George Floyd world. The partnership includes the Halifax Chamber of Commerce, My East Coast Experience, Ashanti Leadership and Professional Development Services, and Footprints Life Coaching. But who are the people behind these local businesses and organizations? Can we put a face to this partnership? The following series seeks to do just that. Each week we will provide a glimpse at the people behind this unique project and the role they play.

The second in our series of profiles is Ann Divine, CEO and founder of Ashanti Leadership and Professional Development Services. Her role in the project is to turn the findings into a series of workshops and training sessions local businesses can access to help them implement better policies on equity, diversity, inclusion, and access in their own operations.

Ann’s education includes a Master’s in Human Resource Management and Leadership Development from London, U.K. She is an accomplished businesswoman, known and respected for her professionalism and willingness to support, coach, and mentor others. Her business provides extensive career and professional guidance in organizational change and social justice issues. Her work is underpinned by her knowledge, skills, and expertise in human rights and people management. Her unique style, combined with adult education principles, has brought her recognition in her fields of leadership development, change management, coaching and mentoring, facilitation, diversity and inclusion, women in leadership and unconscious bias training. These elements are critical factors which impact team performances in the physical and virtual workspace.

Ann is also an advocate for those who are deemed invisible and don’t have a voice in her community. She strives to bring inclusivity to every aspect of her work. She sits on several boards at the national and provincial levels.

My East Coast Experience

My East Coast Experience

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