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Work never stops when you’re trying to keep the spotlight on the contributions of the immigrant community

The past year was an important one for My East Coast Experience
Media Group. We started attracting significant attention as awareness grows of the innovative approach we’re taking to achieve our goals. It was a year of growth and learning, the lessons from which we’re carrying into 2023.

For example, Creative Hub has announced its new partnership with the Nova Scotia government to host training programs through the Workplace Education Initiative. These 10-week courses offer topics decided on by the community. This means the Hub offers crucial skills training to the workforce and business community at no cost.

As usual, we started the New Year off with a bang with the 2023 Most Inspiring Immigrants in Atlantic Canada Gala. This year we inducted 10 new honourees, selected by our incredible advisory committee. We want to thank all our partners on this flagship initiative that make it possible to keep the spotlight shining on the amazing immigrants bringing diversity and growth to our region.

However, the Most Inspiring Immigrants in Atlantic Canada initiative isn’t just about the gala. It’s far more than just one night. This is a 365-day project that starts up each year right after the gala ends.

Nominations are now open for the 2024 honourees, plans are being developed for next January, existing partners are being confirmed and new ones contacted, our advisory committee has already delivered objectives for improvement. It never stops.

The optimism and dedication displayed by our Most Inspiring honourees are also evident in the people you can find in the pages of this issue of My Halifax Experience.

This issue tries to explore how our workplaces are adapting to COVID as an ongoing health concern. We look at the impact of the pandemic on immigration, where the demand for immigrant workers is highest, and how our cover person, Mohammad Al Masalma, adapted his business to survive the arrival of COVID.

Looking forward, we are excited about the upcoming Mosaic International Film Festival later this month. It features submissions from around the world and with our new presenting partner, the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21, we’re looking forward to returning to an in-person event with public access to film screenings via the museum’s in-house theatre.

We are always open to your feedback about the magazine or our other initiatives. Please feel free to contact us at

Ifeanyi Emesih

Ifeanyi Emesih is a serial entrepreneur, community leader, marketing expert, visionary and innovator. Ifeanyi is the Founder and Chairman of My East Coast Experience Media Group. Emesih chose to make Halifax his home and has since drawn on his own experiences to create a platform for others to share their own immigrant stories with their own communities.

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